What is Beauty?

 Pat Carullo, a digital artist, will facilitate “A Dialogue on Beauty.”
“For me, beauty is in Bach’s music,” he says. “But as quantum theory
demonstrates: observation affects reality.” So is beauty really in the
eye, or the ear, of the beholder, does it not exist on its own, but is created
by those experiencing it? Is beauty fundamental to all life? Is it just an idea 
that is collectively agreed upon, or varying due to individual tastes and 
cultural backgrounds?
        Carullo has designed an interactive group exercise to help you
determine what and how you think about beauty. Or perhaps you don’t
think about it at all … and beauty just is.
        All are invited to the one-hour service, sponsored by the Upper
Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, which will be held in
Room 102 of the Narrowsburg Union, Narrowsburg, NY. Directions
can be found at www.uduuf.org.