Are Unitarian Universalists Ready for Change?

The Unitarian Universalist Association has published a report that calls for sweeping changes to its systems and structures, including churches and fellowships. The aim of these changes is to enhance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all who come to us looking for a spiritual … read more.

Percussionist Obi Kaye

A Master Drummer specializing in Middle Eastern and Afro Cuban percussion, as well as a music therapist and performer, special education paraprofessional, and an advocate for the healing power of rhythm and guided meditation, which he also used in recovering from a brain tumor, Kaye … read more.

The Body Keeps The Score

One does not have be a combat soldier, or visit a refugee camp to encounter trauma. It happens to us, our families, friends, and neighbors. Recent scientific advances show how trauma literally reshapes both our bodies and brains. Art Kolbjornsen will highlight some of the … read more.