June 2, 2013 - 10:15am Prayer in a UU world

Join service leader Laurie Stuart in the first of a month-long exploration of prayer. Starting from the beginning that prayer is breath, the experiential service will use stories, songs and prayers to examine our own relationship to what can be described as an intimate conversation with the Divine.

Whether you have an active prayer practice or a cursory appreciation of a well-placed "thank God," this service has the potential to pique your interest and soothe your soul.

April 28, 2013 - 10:15am If not now, when?

The days are suddenly hot. In the evening the cool returns. We pass each other and say 'I don't know what's up with this crazy weather.' But we do. We know exactly what is up with this crazy weather.

The questions becomes, what will we do in the face of this crazy weather. How long are we willing to say "we don't know" about something when it's just that we haven't figured out how to talk about it?

In this one-hour service entitled "If not now, when?" service leader Laurie Stuart will blend an appreciation of nature, with an urgency to act and protect it, with emerging theories of consciousness and the individual imperative to blossom.

February 24, 2013 - 10:15am A Passionate Roadmap

Ever find yourself defending your position with passion? Ever find that when your position is wrapped up with your passion that you tend to lose your passion rather than change your position?

This one-hour service, featuring ritual, stories and songs, will explore the question of how, in a world that is so amazingly frustrating, our passion can be harnessed to be of service to us. It will feature the emerging brain science research of Dr. Dan Siegel and the ancient embodied knowledge of Pythagoras and the nature of the world, as tools or skills that could provide a roadmap as to how to maneuver through. It will acknowledge the sense of loss that can occur when we lose our passion.

February 3, 2013 - 10:15am Passion: What is it and how do we get it?

Passion: What is it and how do we get it?

This month the Fellowship starts a month of services with the theme "Passion for Love and Life." Sharon Lisenbee will present an overview of the subject, based on anecdotal material from Tony Bennett's autobiography "Life is a Gift", historical personalities, the psychology and science of passion, and her own personal observations.

January 13, 2013 - 10:15am Where did we come from?

Beginning with possibility, and moving quickly into ethical living, compassion, abundance and scarcity, into wonder and astonishment, and ending up with getting real, the Upper Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s 2012 calendar found us deepening our connection to a more authentic way of relating. This service will pull together some of the lessons of the last year to launch us more fully into the coming year.

January 6, 2013 - 10:15am Crone Wisdom

Marcia Nehemiah, a published poet and resident of the Upper Delaware Valley will give a service on January 6 describing how eight octogenarians helped her develop a positive and realistic attitude about growing old in a society with deep rooted negative stereotypes of old women.

She will relate how, instead of adopting of adopting society's view of aging as a disease, she moved from fear and anxiety to a conviction that aging is a gift.

October 21, 2012 - 10:15am Small steps in a broken world

Small steps in a broken world is a service about social justice. It is a service that celebrates the human spirit of altruism and the calling that each of us has to leave the world in a slightly better place by our presence. It will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bud Rue Walk for Social Justice, sharing some of its history and highlights.

The service will be followed by the 5-mile walk and a potluck lunch.

September 16, 2012 - 10:15am Making Religion Relevant- II

As a follow-up from last week's service on Reb Zalman and finding a new cosmology that will heal the earth, Laurie Stuart will present more about this modern day Jewish sage.

September 9, 2012 - 10:15am Making Religion Relevant

Using the wisdom of Reb Zalman, Laurie Stuart will introduce the Fellowship's topic for the month Making Religion Relevant.

Stuart attended a three-day symposium last month where Reb Zalman was the keynote speaker. She will relate Zalman's teaching on how we approach the experience of religion which is to come up with a cosmology that will enable the earth to heal.

The one hour service is followed by fellowship and refreshments.

August 19, 2012 - 10:15am The Astonishing Life of Raymond Rocklin

Join the Fellowship as it celebrates the 90th birthday of artist and sculptor Raymond Rocklin. Rocklin's zest for life and his relationship to being an artist is truly astonishing. Potluck lunch will follow the one-hour celebrative service