Message from the left

Sometime back I read "Homecoming" by John Bradshaw and did the exercise of writing to my "inner child" by using my opposite hand. It had a profound effect on me and accessed a different part of my brain. I have since used that technique to access wisdom that seems to come from beyond me. Here's what emerged yesterday:

When all is lost, go back to basics.
Kiss your husband and children deeply,
Pay your bills; clean your house.
Find a past time you enjoy.
Pray and be grateful for whatever comes your way.

Don't forget to drink water.
Go outside.
Feel the earth under your feet
and breathe deeply.

I continue to get rid of 27 things each day. Yesterday's discards were from my top bureau drawer. Tags from clothing, spent potpourri, vanity handkerchiefs, various odds and end. The cleansing job is not thorough, but there is a little less clutter in the drawer. Today, I sorted through a pile of paper and recycled some 27 pieces. The pile is still there, although smaller.

So when all is lost, keep sorting, keep making room. Maintain a practice that keeps you focused on something. Because when you're focused on something, you are focused on something.

Go back to basics: everything is what it is.