Designed to Last

Want to know where your old computers go to when you're done with them.

The Story of Stuff team just released this new film - The Story of Electronics. It shows how we throw away millions of tons of electronics every year and what that means for the planet.

It illustrated that most "recyclers" in the United States don't really recycle our old electronics. Instead, they ship them by the container load to developing nations, like China, India, Ghana, and Nigeria. There, the toxics inside these products cause great harm, contaminating air and water, and exposing workers and communities to horrible, harmful chemicals. Piles of trashed, unrecyclable electronics dot the landscape.

In the end, it recommends that we design things to last. And if you want to help make this reality, you can tell your Representative that supporting the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (HR 6252) is the most important thing Congress can do to solve the e-waste problem. Here's a link to a sample letter you can send.

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